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Rolfing is a natural healing therapy for the treatment of back pain, neck pain and other forms of chronic pain, arthritis, poor posture, sleep disorders, stress and depression. Some of the answers to frequently asked questions will be found below. If there is anything else you wish to ask about Rolfing, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

Rolfing will get you out of pain and back to optimum health.
Will Rolfing get me out of pain?

Almost certainly. If the problem is structural (and most are) you will become pain free. However in severe cases of collapse and rotation it may take more time to do so.

Can I go back to work after a session?

Yes. Most people feel a profound sense of wellbeing after each session and increased energy. Also as no oil is used there is no need to shower etc. afterwards.

Is it painful?

The sensations you will feel are similar to a strong stretch, however the tension, shortness and rotations in your body will determine how strong the stretch needs to be to correct the problems. Any discomfort is minor compared to the immediate relief felt in the body.

Will Rolfing be permanent?

When we learn something we never forget it, i.e. driving a car or swimming. Rolfing is not about doing something to you. It is about you learning what your body feels like without tension and standing straight. Once felt you are then in control of your structure. With Rolfing you have learnt probably for the first time what it feels like to be light and balanced. New nervous system pathways are forged.

Am I too old for Rolfing?

Age is no barrier to Rolfing. Like most things in life it is better to start young, however I have worked with several people in their late eighties with effective permanent results.

What about children and teenagers?

Rolfing can be a major influence in correcting childhood imbalances and injuries and guiding them into a relationship with their body and further maturity. I have worked with many children and teenagers with excellent results.

Can Rolfing help victims of addiction and abuse?

People, who have suffered abuse or are addicted, always have low self-esteem. Rolfing can be an important process in reconnecting them to themselves and letting go of the past and the pain.



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