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Case Studies

Examples of How Rolfing Has Helped People

Rolfing is a natural approach to improved physical and emotional wellbeing for people experiencing pain, stress and depression. Here are some brief summaries of people who have completed the ten sessions of Rolfing from Michael Arnel's practice.

Rolfing helps relieve pain and improve posture and mobility.

Man 50's - constant neck pain, advised by neurosurgeons to have operation on cranial nerves. Now pain free in neck, substantial postural improvement and more positive outlook.

Woman 60's - lupus, mostly bedridden, suicidal, constant pain, unable to walk without intense pain, facing nursing home admission. Now walking, depression lifted, and studying. Less pain, freer movements, self-sufficient in own home.

Man 30's - intense back pain, history of three previous back operations, medication for seven years, morphine implant for pain on a daily basis, loss of sensation to bladder. Now pain free, vastly improved quality of life, no medication, morphine implant removed, returned sensation to bladder.

Woman 30's - separated symphysis pubis, wheel chair bound, constant pain, stress incontinence. Now walking unaided, pain free and no stress incontinence. On x-ray, separation has closed considerably.

Woman 50's - chronic back pain, already had one back operation and facing more back surgery, due to ongoing and debilitating pain. Tried Rolfing as a last resort. After Rolfing totally pain free, and has been so for ten years. Has maintenance Rolfing of four sessions per year.

Man 40's - severe back pain, facing back surgery. Also tried Rolfing as a last resort. After Rolfing pain free and did not require surgery.

Woman 70's - pain in knee, using a walking stick, told by specialist to have knee replacement. After Rolfing, pain free and walking without aid of walking stick. Improved posture.

Woman 50's - naturopath, who tested immune function before and after Rolfing, and found immune system functioning more strongly afterwards.

Woman 20's - severe scoliosis, feeling lopsided, clothes not fitting properly, back pain. After Rolfing pain free, and the curve of the scoliosis straightened, hips and shoulders levelled out, spine lengthened.

Woman 50's - poor posture, prolapsed uterus. Dramatic postural improvement, realigned pelvis, prolapsed uterus resolved.

Woman 60's - poor posture, tense, incontinent. Posture improved, incontinence resolved, feeling less stress in body.

Man 50's - low-level clinical depression, feeling flat all the time, trapped and emotionally depressed. Now on less medication, feeling more optimistic, spirits lifted.

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