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Benefits of Rolfing

Before Rolfing
After Rolfing
The benefits are as varied as the circumstances that create problems in our lives. All manner of soft tissue, joint or ligament problems that can occur in our bodies can be alleviated with Rolfing.

Systemic problems that occur with breathing, circulation, digestion and generally the functioning of organs may be caused, triggered or affected by poor, compressed, collapsed posture. Realigning our structure can therefore remove some symptoms.


Is Rolfing for Me?

People of all ages have Rolfing, from early childhood to 90 year olds. We are energetic, living, organic, changing beings. Thus we are capable, through life's experiences, of creating imbalances, physical pain, emotional pain and lethargy in our bodies. People come to Rolfing for many and varied reasons. These include the following:

* Poor Posture
We almost all have poor posture to some degree. As the body collapses we get uneven tension in our body. This feels uncomfortable and puts a lot of stress and strain on joints, nerves and internal organs. Good posture feels great!

Photographs taken
before session 1 and after session 10
document the
changes that take
place in the course
of a Rolfing series.

Before 1   After 10

Before1   After 10


* Joint Pain
Back, neck, hip, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder pain can all be alleviated with Rolfing. Balancing the joints takes away the pain.


* Headaches
Most headaches come from neck and/or shoulder imbalance, which interferes with blood flow and/or puts pressure on nerves in the neck and head. You don't have to put up with headache pain from these causes.


* Breathing Difficulties
Asthma, emphysema, and panic attacks involve breathing disorders. These conditions, although varied, all respond well to Rolfing. The balancing of the rib-cage (and body generally) and the releasing of pressure on the lungs and diaphragm helps with the overall health, wellbeing and functioning of the respiratory system.


* Anti-Aging
As posture becomes more stooped, internal organs have inhibitory pressure applied on them, preventing them from functioning to their optimum. As Rolfing prevents the breakdown and collapse of the structure of the body, we can stand straight,giving our whole body the opportunity to function properly. The lift and balance of Rolfing helps to organise and space the systems of the body, enabling them to function without stress.


* Arthritis
Helps to unclog and free the joints and move toxic build-up out of the body.


* Improving Performance
Many athletes, dancers, yoga students and sportspeople have noticed that the increased flexibility, mobility and fluidity that comes from Rolfing has enhanced and improved their individual performances.


* Emotional Wellbeing
We are all emotional beings and just as the physical body demands a certain flow of fluids and energy, so our emotions demand a flow of energy. Fear stops the discharge of free flowing emotions, which then become stuck in our body as tension. Unresolved anger, or grief, can have the same restrictive effect. Rolfing discharges this pent up emotion. Sometimes this is felt as it is brought to the surface, to be replaced by an open feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Rolfing discharges pent up emotion. Sometimes this is felt as it is brought to the surface, to be replaced by an open feeling of peace and tranquillity.

* Post Partum
Most women will tell you that their body just isn't the same after their pregnancy. It is important to know that as your body expands for the baby, tissues are stretching and migrating into unfamiliar positions. For some women the pushing out of the abdomen also externally rotates the hips, which stay rotated after the birth. This means that the hip joints no longer fully support the spine and the ribcage collapses down, putting strain on shoulders and neck. For other women the diaphragm might be re-located, the spine compressed or the pelvis itself becoming unstable. Rolfing will put you back together, better than before your pregnancy.


* Anti-Stress and Sleep Problems
Your body will be de-stressed as deep relaxation replaces tired, tense, overworked and complaining structures. We have more energy available when we have balance, relaxation and awareness in our lives.


How Do I Start?

To see if Rolfing is for you, call us on (03) 9888 4119 and schedule your first session. Michael or Kathryn can talk to you further about how this can be scheduled and specifically how Rolfing can help you. After three sessions you will be in a position to know if completing the ten sessions is for you. There is no obligation to complete the ten sessions. An open enquiring mind and the desire to take responsibility for your health are an important consideration.


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