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Michael Arnel
Advanced Certified Rolfer
Member Rolf Institute, USA
Member A.M.T.A. & A.T.M.S.

Michael ArnelAbout Michael Arnel

I was trained at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1985 and completed my advanced training in 1995. I am totally committed to Rolfing and know from my own experience the power and benefits of the Rolfing process. I have made eight trips overseas to aid my further knowledge and expertise in Rolfing. Apart from a busy private practice, in the Melbourne suburb of Canterbury, since 1985 I have written numerous magazine articles, lectured at various health education schools, been interviewed on radio and featured Rolfing on "A Current Affair" in 1997. I am committed to my own and your personal development and wellbeing. My interests are in nutrition, writing, psychology and philosophy. I am married to Kathryn, a naturopath and nutritionist, and we have two beautiful children.

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